Classic Car Rentals – An Ideal Corporate Incentive To Motive Your Team

Now days, corporate sectors are getting more & more inventive when it comes to corporate incentives. In the past people tend to go a weekend getaway or steak dinner, but if you truly wish to both encourage & reward your team, you must think out of the box. Classic car rentals in Palm Springs are the ideal corporate event gift & incentive. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why classic car rentals can be the best corporate incentive for your employees.

They’re completely unique:

Most of the modern cars out there in the road today look & drive quite the same way. No doubt a BMW might be faster compared to a Honda, but as far as features such as navigations, touch screens, and other older things, we now take for granted like power steering and windows, almost every automobile on the marketplace boasts them. From the way they look to the way they drive, classic cars offer their own distinctive feeling every time get behind the wheel.

Classic cars are hard to find:

We grew up loving the look of a classic Mercedes or Mustang, but never really have the opportunity to drive one. This is simply because these cars are rare and often parts of museum collections or some people’s restored pride & joy.

You can show off in it:

Employees always acknowledge getting incentives, but driving around in a classic vehicle is an excellent way to show acknowledgement for a particular personnel or group of them. Moreover, it can cater as an encouragement for other workers to toil hard and accomplish certain targets.

If you are really looking to push your team to the next level, there simply couldn’t be a better incentive than offering them a classic car rental in Palm Springs from Claremont Vintage Limo. There is no better way to show your gratitude than offering them the opportunity to drive the vintage car of their dreams.  Not just corporate outings, but our classic cars are avail for any special occasion you could imagine of including city tours, date nights, photo & movie shoots, wedding ceremonies, proms, and awards shows among others. We know that not everyone can own a class car, therefore, we made it available to you through our affordable and convenient classic car rental service. To book, feel free to reach us at (909) 877-3565.