Tips You Should Never Overlook While Hiring A Wedding Limousine Service

So, you are preparing for your wedding and engaged in finalizing the thing! If you are going to celebrate your wedding during the peak wedding season of June, August, September, and October then it is the right time to book your wedding limousine service. Byrd Limousine has been chauffeuring plenty of weddings these since decades. They drive so many brides, grooms, and wedding parties. Let’s share their experiences & tips which could be helpful to handle your wedding limo service on your big day. We hope such tips will be helpful to make your wedding day even smoother!


Allow for a buffer of time and be aware.

You probably feel that there’s never too much planning necessary when it comes to your wedding day. But it is not the case when it comes to your wedding limo service transportation! Make sure to include in 30-minute traffic delays when planning your trips.

You can take advantage of such extra time to relax and breathe. Remember to keep an eye out for any local events that may occur on the day of your wedding. Unexpected events like a parade, festival, march, or concert can extend the time it takes for your wedding guests to arrive and, ultimately, your wedding.


Make sure you know where you’re going.

It is a smart idea to know the routes from the home or hotel to the wedding location or the shooting area to the reception destination ahead of time. Although most limousine services in Glendora employ GPS systems, knowing where you’re going is still a smart idea. It will be useful in saving a lot of time and aggravation. You can’t always rely on technology, so rely on limousine service in Glendora and give them all the details of your wedding transfer itinerary. It will give the driver the time to plan and prepare.

Consider your photographers.

Most likely, your wedding photographer and videographer will arrive in their cars!  But how do you capture some image or video footage of your journey? You can take them along with you! If the entire bridal party is on board, they can take some memorable yet fun shots. Make your decision ahead of time, whatever it is, so that everyone is on the same page.


Inquire about drinks, snacks, and entertainment.

Since you’ll already be in a luxury vehicle on your wedding day, why not go all out with champagne, appetisers, and your favourite music? If you think you’ll need something comparable for your wedding limo service transportation in Glendora, make sure to inquire when making your reservation. They can accommodate your special requirements such as champagne, snacks, and music.

Make a Reservation in Advance

Many couples make the mistake of not booking a limousine or car in advance. As a result, consumers are usually forced to rush to acquire something, risking overspending or not acquiring a car at all. It may be tough to get a vehicle during the peak wedding season. It’s a good idea to reserve the wedding limousine service at least six months in advance.



Byrd Limousine pride itself on making couples’ wedding days enjoyable & bright. Their small contribution ends up with a big feeling because of their outstanding limousine service and care. If you’re looking for the ultimate wedding limo service for your big day, please don’t hesitate to contact Byrd Limousine at 877-517-9904 with any questions, or to find out about their availability. They look forward to hearing from you! For more information email us at .

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